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Smart CCTV Solutions


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CCTV has evolved…And it’s now smart!

Machine Learning & Qualified Motion Detection

CCTV systems now offer intelligent and qualified motion detection via machine learning and deep learning algorithms. This latest technology allows us to detect an intrusion or crime BEFORE it happens versus trying to determine how it happened after the fact.

Intelligent Perimeters

We are able to create intelligent perimeters which can be monitored during specific time periods, thereby offering our clients an additional, extremely effective and accurate layer of security.

Stop the intrusion BEFORE it happens!

It’s now possible for our control room to stop an intrusion before it happens… Speakers mounted at your premises can communicate with intruders in real-time, letting them know they have been identified, filmed and need to stand down. This is a significant deterrent and stops criminals in their tracks. Our operator will then make an informed decision whether to get Police or Armed Responders involved or not.

The Future of Intrusion Detection

The primary layer of intrusion detection for your property. Receive snapshots and video notifications of all activities, providing you with vital information when you need it most. Replace your old outdoor beams with a smart CCTV soltuion.

Reduce False Alarms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) reduces false alarms based on human body and vehicle detection deep learning algorithms. Our smart CCTV cameras can be set up as motion detectors and they can weed out most false triggers caused by vegetation, wildlife and other debris and only respond to human bodies and vehicles with 85% to 95% accuracy. Plus smart CCTV simultaneously increases the accuracy of detection as it’s constantly learning and evolving.

Fingertip Control

Manage your smart CCTV surveillance system via an app on your smartphone, thereby having fingertip control of your premises or business security needs. The system can send real-time notifications and verifications to your phone, which allows you to see exactly what is triggering your alarms.

Fully Integrated Solution

Seamless integration into Alarm and Access Control systems, providing you with a centralised control center for all your home security and access control systems. Replace your alarm system and beams with a future-proof, intelligent, intrusion detection system.

Smart CCTV Solutions


Since 2012, we have been providing world-class security solutions, five-star service and support to our clients that require protection and
security for their businesses, estates, neighbourhoods, homes and farms across SA.

Perimeter CCTV


Licence Plate
Recognition / LPR

Access Control

Facial Recognition

Camera Monitoring

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to providing you with only the very best smart security system solutions. Our main goal is to make your life safer and easier. If you are in any way unsatisfied with the solution provided by TAG Smart Security, your dedicated Project Manager will promptly investigate your complaint.

Full Coverage Guarantee

1 full year guarantee on parts and workmanship on the entire Video Surveillance System. Simple, easy, transparent and reliable.


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