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Off-site Monitoring


Protecting your property with a prepared response team could mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major loss.
With remote monitoring you can stop worrying about your CCTV system. Get on with more important things in life and let a “Virtual Security Guard” do all the work.

A “Virtual Security Guard” for your home or premises via our offsite monitoring support packages.

Offsite monitoring (sometimes called remote monitoring) is now a standard and essential offering in our industry. Offsite monitoring is a service whereby an offsite control room monitors activations on your CCTV camera system and then provides you with real-time feedback on what is happening around your home or premises so that you can deter criminals before they act.

It’s a Fully-Managed Solution to your CCTV needs

We offer our clients a stress-free solution to their managed CCTV surveillance needs. Plus Property Managers can get on with other more important work than managing the CCTV security system. Our approach is a full-service, all-inclusive approach with a set monthly fee. We can provide audits and forensic reviews and via our maintenance plans, we offer security system maintenance, replacement parts and camera cleaning. Chat to us about a support plan that makes sense to you.

Get real-time information from the Pros!

The offsite monitoring control room directly communicates with Armed Response in order to provide them with vital information on the status of the alarm. For example, if it’s a false alarm they will communicate this and let them know not to respond. If it is a real intrusion, they will provide armed
response with vital information on the intrusion including current location of intruders, what they are wearing or any distinguishing features, and if they have fled the property and in which direction they have fled.

Real-time Audio Commands to Stand Down!

With offsite monitoring and a mounted speaker we can create an extremely effective deterrent. Our control rooms can communicate with intruders before the intrusion or crime is committed. We have noticed a near 100% reduction in incidents where our clients have deployed this system. It just makes sense!

Contact us here for a free quote or to find out how we can help you deploy a “Virtual Security Guard” for your home or business.

Off-site Monitoring


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to providing you with only the very best smart security solutions. Our main goal is to make your life safer and easier. If you are in any way unsatisfied with the solution provided by TAG, Smart Security Solutions, your dedicated Project Manager will promptly investigate your complaint.

Full Coverage Guarantee

1 full year guarantee on parts and workmanship on the entire Video Surveillance System. Simple, easy, transparent and reliable.


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