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About Us


At TAG Smart Security, we have been constantly pushing the boundaries since we opened our doors in 2012. What started as a simple alarm
maintenance business has evolved into a company providing world-class electronic surveillance and detection systems to a range of applications including Malls, Hotels, Farms, Residential Developments, Industrial Parks and Residential Homes.

Our Services

  • Consultation & Design for the most optimal solutions for our Clients’ needs
  • Costing Proposals & Overlays of the proposed solutions for plans
  • Installation, Commissioning, Testing & Hand-over of systems to end users
  • Customised Maintenance Plans & SLAs to make sure our Clients get the most from their systems
  • Offsite Monitoring – a “Virtual Security Guard” for your home or premises
  • Access Control Systems & IP based intercoms – smart intercom solutions as well as full facial recognition solutions for shopping malls
  • Smart CCTV systems for total peace-of-mind and hassle-free security

Better Security for a Better Experience!

Our focus has always been on providing our Clients with the best solutions available for their specific protection requirements. Our system’s design utilizes the latest technology and are heavily focused on Internet Protocols and Networking, and as such, our technical teams are well trained and equipped with the necessary skills to make these solutions part of your home and everyday life, providing you with a better technical solution to give you better security, better user-experience, more convenience and peace-of-mind.

Fewer False Alarms

We place a massive focus installing stable systems that have fewer false alarms and the ability to offer verification of all threats, so our clients and monitoring control room know in real-time what the risk onsite is. They can then provide information to assist the response teams to provide most relevant response possible.

Smart Systems

TAG have spent the last few years working with and perfecting affordable analytical (smart) solutions using clever integration of the newest technology to deliver the best positioned solution and customer experience.

The Latest Technology

Whether it’s a Facial Recognition and Number Counting Systems for a Mall or a Thermal Analytical Perimeter on the boundary of a Farm, or an Integrated Alarm and CCTV system for your Home, we have the knowledge and products to provide you with the best possible solution and customer service.


Our pledge to you is that we stand by the solutions and technology we offer. We have installed them and are using them to protect our own
homes as well as our friends and families. We hope to offer you the same peace-of-mind.

Matthew and Ross Goodall

Contact us here to get a quote or find out how we can help you.

Team of technicians with more than 10 years of combined experience.

We send our technicians on regular training so that we are always up to speed on the latest security innovations.

1-year guarantee on both parts and workmanship.

Most importantly – we provide easy to use, reliable security systems, keeping
you and your family safe!

We only work with brands that are well established on the market and have a track record of providing real support.

Unbeatable customer service and ongoing technical support.

Ultimate convenience with remote apps to monitor systems at distance.

Custom solutions for your home or business facility.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to providing you with only the very best alarm system solutions. Our main goal is to make your life safer and easier. If you are in any way unsatisfied with the solution provided by TAG Smart Security, your dedicated Project Manager will promptly investigate your complaint.

Full Coverage Guarantee

1 full year guarantee on parts and workmanship on the entire Video Surveillance System. Simple, easy, transparent and reliable.